Clothes kids feel good in & parents feel good about


Welcome to Pip & Squeaks, your source for ethically manufactured children's clothing and accessories, made with quality materials and craftsmanship in facilities that treat their workers fairly. As a mother of two, I had a hard time finding high-quality clothes that I felt good about buying. My research into the garment industry caused me to completely change the way I buy clothes for my children. Now I am putting that research to work for you, seeking out the coolest clothes and most trustworthy kids products that look great, and meet my standards for sustainable, quality materials, lasting value, and fair labor practices. My mission is to always source fun clothes from companies that certify ethical manufacturing and labor practices—at a minimum, living wages paid to workers in safe facilities. I've done the research and product testing for you and now all you have to do is shop and feel good about what you buy for the kids in your life.

{ with love }

Jessica Lynch