I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into baby monitors when my first little one was on the way. I just thought my mom had a big white handheld receiver and when she heard a kid crying she went up to get her (I am the oldest of 4 girls).  I didn’t realize that there were now more and much better options out there.   I picked an audio only monitor that had good reviews and good range to put on my registry and received it from a friend.  Once our son arrived, I quickly realized that just because a baby starts to make noises and may even cry a bit, it doesn’t mean he is awake.  I purchased a video monitor next with a small camera and a receiver, again, with a good reviews but this time the reviews said things like “as good as you can get at a reasonable price” .  After just 6 months this monitor stopped working.  I had sound but no picture and when I checked into the warrantee it required that I keep all of the packing materials, which I had not.  The video monitor was a great tool, it was helpful for every day checking on the baby but it was also GREAT for sleep training.  I could see him and know he was safe.  I tried again with the updated version of the camera and the second one made it to about 9 months, only to find out that someone had dumped my original packing, trying to be “helpful”.  I had had enough and began a new search for a better baby monitor.  Right before my second monitor had died, we had a series of brown-outs and every time the power went out, the receiver end of the monitor would start to beep a loud obnoxious beep, loud enough to wake a baby.  When power came back on I had to sneak back into his room and turn it back on or leave it until he got up, constantly sneaking up and listening through his door.  My next monitor had several requirements. 

  1. No more receivers.  I wanted to use my smart phone, computer or tablet 
  2. Great picture
  3. Sounds only option to avoid running phone battery down
  4. Turn back on when power came back if there was an outage.  

I did many searches on the “best video monitors” “best baby monitors” “best baby cameras”

 I read all of the blogs and reviews and one item kept coming up. Wifi Baby Camera.  I emailed the owners and asked my questions and he quickly wrote back.  He confirmed that their camera would do everything I need it to but I should make sure I have a good internet connection and wifi. I made the purchase and have never been happier. Not only can I see a very clear picture of the nurseries, I can keep the app running in the back ground and hear when someone stirs.  I can also check on the kids’ rooms when I am out to dinner.  I received one-on-one help setting it up and the tech was very patient and helpful.  We set everyone up in a about a half an hour and when I decided to buy one for the playroom last year, he helped me add that one to my app as well.  I really can’t say enough about these cameras.  I recommend them to my friends and now I am recommending them to all of you.  The only con is that these are not travel monitors.  They are meant to stay at home.  I am now able to offer these monitors on the site and I am happy to answer any questions I can about my experience with them.  


Check out the Wifi Baby Monitor 4