As a Mom of two messy, energetic toddlers, I found myself buying kids clothing, online, and basically in bulk.  I waited for a sale and then bought a box full of clothes to get me through the next few months and the cycle went on.  Then one day I began to wonder.  Why are these clothes so cheap?  Who makes these clothes? If a shirt is $9 how much does the person making the shirt make? Can a person live on that? I had a sudden attack of guilt: mom guilt and not for my behavior towards my own children but for my short sidedness when it came to clothing.  If it felt like a deal to me, was that "deal" amplified negatively on the other end of the supply chain?  The more I looked into the current fashion industry, the more my fears were confirmed.  The volume of cheap clothing produced for the consumers of this world is remarkably taxing on the farmers, garment laborers and the environment.  Children across the world are stuck, by no fault of their own, in the garment cycle as well.  

I immediately put a halt to my clothing buying and re-evaluated.  I began to research ethically and responsibly manufactured kids clothing.  I found several companies committed to fair wages and social responsibility in creating adult fashion but not so many in the children's realm.  I was slowly able to collect a list of companies and small batch shops that I felt comfortable with and felt confident doing business with.

 I still  love finding special and unique apparel items for my kids: to help them express their personalities, be comfortable while learning and playing AND I can now say I feel good about the clothes they are wearing.

Living in a fairly rural area, I get asked a lot where I bought a certain outfit or item and the answer is almost always a list of websites, which is hard to convey to someone at the grocery store or at the coffee shop.  With the kids in school and searching for a way to combine some of my passions and still be available for my children, I decided to embark on a journey to collect some of my favorite responsibly manufactured designs, gifts, safety items and handmade, beautiful and practical children's clothes so I can direct people to one place and let them take advantage of my scouring and Instagram pining. I want other parents and grandparents to feel like they are not contributing to the problem of disposable clothing.  I hope the children you buy clothing for will enjoy them as much as mine do! 

 {With Love, Jess}