About Me

I am mom of 2 young children living in Maine. Being thoughtful and making informed decisions is an important part of my philosophy and so is learning from my mistakes.  It seems like we are bombarded by messages all day long about what is harmful for us and the "right way" of doing things.  We make choices everyday and I find myself doing a lot of research on some products and not so much on others.  After a hard look at the clothing I was buying for my kids because it was economical, I had no choice but to step back and see that it didn't fall in line with my humanitarian beliefs and so a new adventure began to find clothing companies I feel comfortable supporting.   


Living in a fairly rural area, I get asked a lot where I bought a certain outfit or item that my kids are sporting and the answer is almost always a list of websites, which is hard to convey to someone at the grocery store or at the coffee shop.  With the kids in school and searching for a way to combine some of my passions and still be available for my children, I decided to embark on a journey to collect some of my favorite responsibly manufactured designs, gifts, safety items and handmade, beautiful and practical children's clothes so I can direct people to one place and let them take advantage of my scouring and Instagram pining. I want other parents and grandparents to feel like they are not contributing to the problem of disposable clothing.  I hope the children you buy clothing for will enjoy them as much as mine do! 

 {With Love, Jess}